What’s the Big Idea?

Are you looking for that Big Marketing Idea that will make a game changing difference for your brand?


Over the years, I’ve pitched, designed and developed large scale, complex marketing initiatives designed to drive a huge impact for the brand – otherwise  known as “The Big Idea”. As an industry observer, I’ve also seen a lot of Big Ideas launched with great fanfare, not unlike an IPO of a high profile tech startup. Some of these programs have enjoyed wild success while others have crashed and burned. In fact, industry consultants often claim that the majority of marketing campaigns fail within the first 3 months.


If marketers knew the exact answer to that question, then every brand would be enjoying wild success. It turns out that picking the right marketing campaign approach is about as tricky as picking a winning stock.

Imagine if you had a financial advisor who recommended that you invest the majority of your 401k in one stock. If the stock hits, you’re a winner! You can hit the road in your RV to visit the grandkids a little earlier than planned. But, if that stock tanks like the rest of the market did in the last couple of weeks, then your Winnebago dreams could be doused and the grandkids will have to survive on virtual visits via Facetime instead of actual face time with grandma and grandpa.

You would never accept this type of risk when it comes to your retirement (I hope). So why would you when it comes to marketing your brand?

So, what’s the Big Idea when it comes to marketing? We think it’s executing a lot of little ideas. By doing so, you will discover what works and why when it comes to your marketing tactics. This doesn’t mean thinking small and generating small. It means launching a series of smaller initiatives that are designed to scale into large campaigns that have the potential to generate significant results for your brand.


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