Marketing Awards: Why They Matter

We believe there’s more to our awards than basking in the glow of the win. Read what works with awards and why.

Shameless Promotion

Sentient recently earned 9 Audio Visual Arts (AVA) Platinum and Gold Awards in digital marketing for clients in the life sciences, financial services, and business to business (B2B) industries. Since 2014, Sentient has earned more than 135 marketing honors, 40 of which we earned in 2015 alone for clients such as Novartis, Shionogi, Inc., Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc., Popular Community Bank, E-Loan, Inc., and Forethought Financial Group, among others.

Like other agencies, we enjoy singing our praises. It feels good. It gives us a moment to pause from the hectic pace of agency life to reflect on our achievement(s). But after basking in the glow of our wins, what more do they mean to us, our clients, and our peers?

For a young, spirited agency like ours, media awards have internal and external value, including:

  • Acknowledging our values — integrity, innovation, and exceptional client service
  • Validating our creative capabilities
  • Confirming our ability to consistently deliver measurable results for clients
  • Demonstrating the positive effect our campaigns have on business outcomes
  • Prompting questions about completed programs that provide answers for new initiatives
  • Documenting outstanding work
  • Celebrating team members’ contributions and enhancing esprit des corps
  • Sharing great work and inspiring our teams to exceed their own/our expectations 
with future campaigns
  • Exchanging peer recognition and feedback
  • Attracting new talent
  • Reminding us that clients inspire us to think innovatively and achieve new goals
  • Securing an extraordinary reputation

We don’t embark on projects to get awards. Our goal is great work. But earning awards makes us proud. It makes us confident. While we’re sure of the high-quality work we produce, recognition of our excellence from prestigious marketing awards organizations further energizes us.

Our industry marketing awards have helped established Sentient as a leader in marketing.


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