How Company-based Philanthropic Initiatives Improve Our Company

We believe that every good deed, however large or small, makes a difference for the organization we’re helping, the community, and us.


Want to improve engagement with and among your staff? Get involved in company-based philanthropic initiatives!

That’s just what Sentient did recently when it partnered with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children of Morris and Sussex Counties, Inc. In addition to sponsoring the upcoming CASA Give a Child a Voice Annual Gala at the Park Savoy in Florham Park, New Jersey, on May 12, 2016, Sentient staff members each donated $5 or more and wore their favorite blue apparel on April 8, for the Go Blue for CASA event to recognize CASA Child Advocate Day and support advocacy of abused and neglected children.

Being involved with philanthropic initiatives has taught us that every good deed, however large or small, makes a difference for the organization we’re helping, the community, and us.

Connecting With the Organization and Our Community
Although our fundamental goal is to help the organization with which we partner, company-based volunteer projects have far-reaching effects that also benefit the company. For example, sponsoring the 2016 CASA gala has given Sentient a chance to get to know local business owners who also support CASA and with whom we share values. As a result, we have a greater connection with and presence in the community. In some cases, the increase in visibility has improved the company image and expanded our business.

Connecting Staff Members
Company-based volunteer/fund-raising efforts also engage our staff members with each other. Encouraging staff members to learn about CASA, contribute funds to it, and take a break during the workday to celebrate the initiative gave our staff members a chance to know each other as people rather than colleagues — a benefit that improves teamwork on all company projects and boosts morale. We want our employees to feel as good about our company as they feel about their work. When the team works together on projects, they’re a force. When they unite to contribute to something meaningful to the community, and ultimately the world, they’re connected with each other and they are inspired and inspiring!

We find employees are proud to work for a company that isn’t entirely focused on profit and gives something back to its community.

Attracting Talented Employees Who Share Our Values
Being involved in volunteer/fund-raising projects also has improved our ability to attract talented staff members who share our company values. We’ve found that people who already volunteer, work with charities, and engage in other philanthropic efforts are particularly drawn to a company with the same values. In a small agency such as ours, this is especially important for hiring team members who are sympathetic to each other and, therefore, easily unite to achieve project goals.

When companies and employees unite to volunteer time or contribute funds to support a cause, benefits can be as meaningful to the company and its employees as they are to the cause.


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