Our 8th Birthday

As Sentient celebrates its 8th birthday, our president takes a look back at the agency's beginnings and is proud to have the talented and dedicated staff that helped make it possible.


Dear Sentient Employees, Clients, and Partners,

What can happen over the course of 8 years? A lot! You can get married, buy a house, sell a house, move across the country, endure the loss of a loved one or watch the birth of your children. Oh, and let’s not forget about building a best-in-class digital agency. All of these things have indeed happened in the past 8 years since my partners and I founded Sentient; what a long strange trip it’s been!

When we set out to create Sentient, it was the worst economic time of our lives, the pit of the “great recession.” We had no savings, no private equity, no venture capital, just a vision and desire to succeed. We pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and cobbled together a small group of clients to give us revenue and staff to execute the work.

Where are we now on our 8th birthday? First and foremost we survived, and we did so navigating a sometimes-daunting economic climate. But we’ve done more than survive—we’ve experienced 8 straight years of double-digit revenue growth; our staff has expanded dramatically, growing beyond Morristown, NJ, into our 2nd office in NYC; our multidisciplinary capabilities have allowed us to become a truly formidable competitor in the industry; we’ve generated significant financial results for the brands we represent; and we’ve stayed true to our philosophy of being an accountable, transparent and valued partner to our clients.

We couldn’t have done this on our own, not even close. We’re fortunate enough to have been joined by our amazing staff, a team of some of the most talented digital marketers in the industry. It’s our staff that has enabled us to successfully execute digital programs that have been recognized with hundreds of awards over the years. It’s our staff that has helped us hone our skills. And it’s our staff that has helped to create, shape and maintain our amazing culture. We truly have an incredible group of people working at Sentient, and we’re thankful for your participation in making Sentient not only a great agency, but, equally as important, a great company to work for.

Giving birth to Sentient, nurturing it and watching it grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives, and we’re truly grateful to our clients, employees and associates (past and present) for all that you’ve done to help along the way. We truly believe that we’re approaching the “knee of the curve” in Sentient’s life. At this inflection point, we’re thankful to be doing this with a great group of clients and an incredible team. You’re all responsible for who Sentient is today and who we will become tomorrow.

Happy Birthday, Sentient!
Adam Cossman
President, Partner


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