Did you know that SENTIENT is a GOOGLE Premier Partner for Search Advertising? As a member of this elite group, our capabilities and experience certainly speak for themselves. Learn about what this means...

Driven By Data

How do our clients know which agency can elevate their business? How do they identify the cream of the crop when it comes to campaign managers and performance trackers? Who will continually make them money?

The most capable agencies are identified by an elite group known as Google Premier Partners. This is the highest level of partnership an agency can achieve within the GOOGLE tiers and is earned by a small fraction of top digital marketing companies.

Only the strongest AdWords service providers achieve this and we’re proud to announce that Sentient is one of them! In fact, we have been since 2016!

In order to qualify for this level, we were able to continuously meet these 3 areas of requirements:

  1. GOOGLE certifications – We passed several rigorous GOOGLE tests with at least an 80% score
  2. Ad spend – We continuously met GOOGLE’s minimum ad spend. And although there isn’t a set number (requirements are set based on location and market) every ad spend is reviewed and approved by GOOGLE
  3. Conversion performance – We make more money for our clients by producing AdWords campaigns that convert at a high rate. Not only this, but the quality of our campaigns remain at a high level and our clientele is constantly growing

So, what does this really mean?
That our team is consistently delivering real search marketing experts who are trustworthy, knowledgable of GOOGLE AdWords (inside and out), and consistently managing successful campaign…after successful campaign. We’ve also been distinguished as invited users of Beta testing for new GOOGLE Adwords features for our clients’ campaigns. Our search and account professionals participate in regular training and knowledge-sharing sessions with GOOGLE throughout the year.

As a GOOGLE Premier Partner, it’s evident that we live and breathe through the understanding and workings of the AdWords interface…and turns out we are pretty good at it!


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